How Can HRMS Software Help The Entertainment Industry?

hrms in entertainment industry

Entertainment is one of the biggest contributors to a country’s economy. In the latest news, Singapore is getting 6 days of Coldplay and Taylor Swift’s concert tour!

Imagine the amount of crew to prepare the set, the administrative tasks to book a spot, plan a tour, arrange transportation and tickets, and all that is for one country’s performance! What if they have to plan for multiple country or state tours?

Manual and administrative labour is in high demand when it comes to this industry. Contract workers and part-timers are the common employees.

You would have to go through the whole list of checking your employees, their personal information, banking details for payrolls, set up for their attendance, claims, leaves and etc. Basically, there are a lot of human resource processes that need to be done for their onboarding alone.

Table of Contents

  • 1. There Are Too Many Things To Do!
  • 2. Can HRMS Software Help?
  • 3. What Other Benefits Does HRMS Software Have For Me?
  • 4. I’m New to HRMS and Not Sure How To Utilise It
  • 5. I’m Interested in Info-Tech!

There Are Too Many Things To Do!


Human resources aren’t just to take care of employees’ well-being in the organisation. They’re also responsible for recruitment, relations, appraising performance, employee engagement and more. Undoubtedly, these would need the undivided attention of human resource executives and managers to address the matters.

But there’s also the mundanity of handling leaves, attendance and claims. If you do any of these later than expected, your employees will start to raise complaints.

Any human resources wouldn’t want that to happen.

Claims would be the highest priority when it comes to the human resource process in the entertainment industry. Employees may need to fork out their own funds to purchase specific items for their theatre or concert production. This is apparent in smaller organisations where personal funds are used first and then claims are made later.

Can HRMS Software Help?


HRMS software consists of many modules that can help with managing human resource processes.

Of course, to choose the HRMS software, you need to consider the modules that are available. Smaller organisations that operate on a project basis would need project cost management alongside basic modules like payroll or mobile attendance apps. You can read more on how can HR software help small businesses.

Bigger organisations would need performance appraisal to appraise their employees and door access system to add security for their private studios.

What Other Benefits Does HRMS Software Have For Me?

Let’s see:

  • Automatically process leaves, claims and attendances to link with payroll
  • Ready-made templates for appraisals
  • More time for human resource managers to handle other pressing matters
  • Fewer errors, less wastage of paperwork to redo

Plus, if you choose Info-Tech as your HRMS provider, you are eligible for Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) at 50% funding for your business! You can check and enquire about further information here.

I’m New to HRMS and Not Sure How To Utilise It

You’re in luck because Info-Tech created a course that is certified by Singapore Workforce Skills Qualification that will teach you how to integrate HRMS software into your company for enhanced productivity.

You will gain an in-depth understanding of HRMS and how to integrate it into your existing HR processes to ease your workload.

We recommend that any aspiring or existing professionals in Human Resources or digitalisation roles take up this course.

For more information on this WSQ course, you can find it here.

I’m Interested in Info-Tech!

Great, because we’re interested in solving your problems too!

Certified by IMDA with the Data Protection Trustmark certification, your data is safely secured with us and in our cloud system!

Our customer service is also ready to answer your queries and help you navigate through the software whenever.

What else can we offer to you? Reach us at or call us at +65 6297 3398!

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