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Cloud Accounting Software

Designed for SMEs, our Cloud Accounting Software enables you to efficiently manage your accounting tasks, including tracking expenses, generating and sending invoices, and analysing profits, from anywhere and at any time.

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Simple & Easy-to-use Accounting Software

Encompasses all essential features and tools for managing and tracking your financial records.

Bank Reconciliation

Automatically sync and reconcile
bank transactions in a few clicks

Send Invoices & Receive Bills

Send and receive e-invoices quickly
and securely through InvoiceNow


Efficiently handle and support
multi-currency transactions

IRAS Compliant

Ready-to-use GST reports that
are 100% compliant

Manage Inventory

Keep track of stock quantities
using inventory module

Integration with Payroll

Seamlessly integrate with
Info-Tech Payroll Software


Our Accounting Features


Advanced inventory tracking includes serial and batch tracking. Detailed inventory movements and balances for efficient ordering process.

Purchase Orders & Bills

Easily convert purchase orders to bills. Track and pay bills on time, gaining a clear overview of accounts payable and cash flow.


Manage finances, invoices, and expenses in various currencies. Simplify global transactions with multi-currency capabilities.

Quotes & Invoices

Generate quotes quickly and convert them into invoices. Enable progress invoicing for efficient billing.


Keep track of your tax liability and always stay tax season ready. Automatically calculate GST and speed up the process of preparing GST F5 returns.


Connect your bank accounts to Info-Tech Accounting Software. Set up daily bank feeds and reconcile your bank statements with ease.

Fixed Assets

Efficient management of fixed assets. Gain control over asset lifecycle, from acquisition to depreciation and disposal.


An integrated budget module for real-time financial data to drive quicker financial and business strategies.


View real-time dashboards, reports and more. Customise report layouts and use data to gain insights and develop robust, up-to-date business plans.

Why Choose Us?

Comparison between Info-Tech Accounting Software with other software
Features & Functions Info-Tech Accounting Software Other Accounting Software
Data Security
Is your personal and financial data stored in a Singapore data center?
PDPA - Data Protection
Certified by IMDA
MTCS - Multi Tier Cloud Security
Compliant with Singapore Standard
Inventory Management
Additional Cost
Implementation and Training
Info-Tech Team
Technical Support
Dedicated Info-Tech Support Specialist Will Be Assigned To Every Customer
Technical Support Channels
Phone / Email / Chat / Ticket / Zoom
Only Ticket Option
Technical Team Expertise
Well-Trained Staff From Info-Tech
Depends On Resellers' Ability
Standard Response Time
4 Hours
Payroll Integration
Seamlessly Integrated With Info-Tech Payroll Software
Require 3rd Party API Integration
Single Sign-On (SSO)
Single Sign-On For Payroll & Accounting Software
Accounting Software Singapore

Simplify Accounting Anywhere with Our Mobile App

Easily handle your accounting tasks on the go with Info-Tech Mobile App, compatible with iOS and Android. Get real-time insights for your business through the app's dashboard, and let managers approve transactions right from their phones!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Using accounting software is highly beneficial as it minimises errors, finds missing numbers, and ensures accurate calculations, making your financial management smoother and hassle-free.

Info-Tech's Accounting Software seamlessly integrates with our payroll software, making it super convenient for your business. It's GST compliant and can easily connect to banks in Singapore, making your financial operations more efficient and streamlined.

Our solution seamlessly integrates with Info-tech’s HRMS software, facilitating accurate employee payroll calculations while ensuring compliance with Singapore’s tax rates. This ensures you avoid potential legal issues and keeps your payroll process both smooth and compliant.

Yes, it certainly is! Info-Tech Accounting Software is officially approved for use in Singapore, giving you the peace of mind that you're using a reliable and trusted solution for your accounting needs.