Accounting Software Is Not Going After Accountants! 

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The last thing you need to hear is that a robot has taken over your job. Since accounting involves numbers, automation needs more since no one wants to risk any calculation mistakes, whether for company budgets or payrolls. Understandably, as an accountant, you don’t want these machines to take your jobs from you. 

But hold that thought! They are NOT going after your jobs! 

While accounting software no doubt has improved accounting operations significantly, there are a few flaws that cannot be denied: 

  • Fraud: Accounting information can be edited and forged by an outside party. 
  • System Configuration: It can be tricky to configure new software to the existing or old systems in a business. 
  • Cost: Some accounting software can be costly or have hidden costs when upgrading. 
  • Inaccuracy: The software will produce inaccurate calculations if a formula is not updated for too long. 
  • Potential Data Loss: System shutdown, maintenance, cloud system closure or hacker can cause significant data loss. 

Table of Contents

  • 1. Accounting Software As Your Assistant
  • 2. How Can Info-Tech Accounting Software Help? 
    • 1. Tax Compliant
    • 2. Budget Modules
    • 3. Customizable Quotes & Invoices
    • 4. Connect With Banks
    • 5. Integration to Payroll Software
      • 3. So Don’t Be Afraid of Accounting Software! 

Accounting Software As Your Assistant 

Instead of thinking that accounting software will take your jobs, why don’t you think of it as your assistant? 

It’s like using a calculator. You would say that learning mathematics is useless since you’ll use a calculator in the end, but it is a tool to assist you. You still do simple calculations in your mind or with your hands, but you use the calculator when you want things to be fast. 

It’s the same as accounting software. It needs the help of a human accountant. Who will handle the software’s configuration, organisation and formulas? Why, it’s you! 

How Can Info-Tech Accounting Software Help? 

Everything needs to be fast, but most importantly, it needs to be accurate. The last thing you need when calculating is errors; for accountants, these are death sentences for their careers and life.  

Those doubts will be at the back of your head, reminding you if you’ve done everything right or missed even a single number on your accounting. A human mind and eyes can only process and see so much. 

As mentioned, accounting software can be your assistant when performing these processes. Here are some of the features the software can help you further: 

1. Tax Compliant 

Calculating taxes can be time-consuming, especially if there is a change in rates within a short period of time. The changes need to be immediate and accurate so no problems arise. 

With some configuration and inputting the new rates into the software, you can ensure that any calculations for invoicing or payrolls are tax-inclusive.

2. Budget Modules 

Need a hand to deliver swifter financial and business strategies? Our budget modules are integrated with real-time financial numbers to ensure smooth accounting processes. 

3. Customizable Quotes & Invoices

Create and customize your quotes and easily convert them into invoices. These invoices can then be sent to customers immediately. 

4. Connect With Banks 

You can connect with your local banks to the accounting software and set it up for daily bank feeds. You can also receive bank statements through the software with ease. 

5. Integration to Payroll Software 

Info-Tech’s accounting software can be integrated into payroll once you’ve done your payroll calculations. When everything is properly set up and checked, you can sit back and let your software administer the payrolls to employees. 

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So Don’t Be Afraid of Accounting Software! 

The accounting software won’t know what it’s doing without an accountant. Since you’re the one who needs to keep up to date with any changes in the industry, the tax laws, or any changes to a business’s budget, you will need to update the software for it to continue assisting you! 

If you’re considering trying out accounting software, Info-Tech offers a free trial to see if it fits you. Contact us at or +65 6297 3398 for any enquiry. 

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