Applicant Tracking System

One platform for all your hiring needs

Our Applicant Tracking System (ATS) helps to manage your hiring process from the start to finish. It serves as a platform that allows easy management and tracking of job applications, hiring processes, as well as communication between the applicants and recruiters.

How does an Applicant Tracking System works?

It helps you through the entire hiring journey from start to finish.
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Applicant Tracking System for Small Business

Searching the best employees is the main objective of any hiring managers, including those from small businesses. Our Applicant Tracking System helps ease the hiring process by tenfold with applicants' information can be reviewed in one window, providing job request & offer templates and effective communications between applicants & recruiters.

Applicant Tracking System Features

Comes with all essential features to optimise every aspect of your hiring process.
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Track and manage applicants and their details - personal, resume, job applications etc

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Keeps the Hiring Managers and HR Recruiters in the company in sync with the job postings and statuses, and its applicants.

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Multiple integrations to various job portals like Info-Tech Job Portal, LinkedIn etc so that recruiters and applicants can experience an easier job-hiring and job-applying process.

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Pre-screening of applicants, and manage the hiring process by taking necessary follow-up actions according to the decision of the company. Eg. Interview, Offer letter, Reject etc.

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Job requests and offer templates can be created, published and sent easily to ease off manual processes in the midst of hiring.

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Dashboard for easy overview of recruitment activities as well as analytics to help companies make informed decisions on hiring.

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Key Benefits of ATS

1 Easy-to-use experiences to improve efficiency Increase applications, improve efficiency, save time and hire faster with user-friendly tools to aid hiring process from start to end.
2 Make informed decisions driven by data Analyze and track sourcing channels, assessments, recruitment and candidate activities to improve hiring efforts.
3 Enhance collaboration and communication between users Elevate job-hiring and job-applying experiences by providing simple collaboration and communication tools for hiring managers and candidates to connect.

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