Mobile Attendance App with Face Recognition & GPS

Attendance tracking has gotten easier with Info-Tech’s attendance software. Our mobile attendance app allows employees to clock-in and clock-out their attendance. We also have built-in face recognition and geofencing functions to cater to both small and big organisations.

A HRMS system built to last. Comes with an integrated solution with our payroll software to link attendance data!

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Real-Time & Accurate Attendance Tracking

Info-Tech’s mobile attendance app gives managers the benefit to perform attendance tracking and collate hours in real time. Available on Android and iOS, employees who are working offsite can easily clock attendance from their smartphone where time and GPS location will be automatically recorded.

A vital attendance tracking app that can provide you with effective time management and sync to our HRMS system. So, now you can track accurately!
Mobile Attendance
App Features
These essentials are what you need to manage your attendance.

Real-Time Tracking

Users can clock-in and out anywhere, anytime using their mobile.

Face Recognition

Built-in face recognition technology helps to check and verify employees’ faces.

GPS Location Captured

Integrated GPS information allows us to ensure the right employee is at the right place to work.

Fake GPS Detection

Humans are smart, employees may try to report a fake GPS location. Our intelligent Attendance App can detect any activation of fake GPS disallow the employee to clock-in.

Offline Clocking

Even if there is no internet/ Wi-Fi signal available, our App is still able to capture the GPS coordinates of the Location(Latitude & Longitude).

Geo Fencing

Employees are allowed to do check-in only at the office or assigned location.

Kiosk Mode

Employees can use supervisors’ mobile to do clocking.

Project Record

Project details can be recorded via the App.

iOS & Android App

Info-Tech Attendance App can be installed with Android / iOS tablets and mobiles.

Sync with our HR Portal

Real time attendance can be viewed from Info-Tech cloud HR portal.

Reviewing Attendance Log, Anytime, Anywhere, On the Go

Our mobile app can also aid employees in reviewing and checking their attendance logs, anytime, anywhere and on the go. This gives them the responsibility to have proper planning with our attendance tracking app.

One App for Attendance Solution

Download Now - Mobile Attendance Tracking Software

  • Tablet App for company use
  • Available for iOS and Android
  • No need for expensive Fingerprint/ Face readers
  • No worry for spare parts faulty
  • Technician not needed for installation
  • No need to call/ wait for technicians for repairs

Mobile Attendance App for Small Business

For small business owners, you would want a system that can assist with recording employees attendance without the need of papers or books. Your employees would also want an easier method to check-in & check-out their attendance. With our Mobile Attendance App, you can ease the attendance process significantly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, the Mobile Attendance App can detect employees' location via the GPS tracking from their devices.

You can set up to 200m from your office as a limit.

Yes, employees must register their faces first for the mobile attendance app to recognize them.

Absolutely! Employees can check in and out using the mobile attendance app