Types of Biometric Devices

10,000 Fingerprint & Face Recognition
Attendance System Implemented

The biometric attendance system devices play an important role to record employees’ time and attendance. The devices also integrates with our Time and Attendance Software where all attendance data captured will be synced real-time to the software.

Our biometric attendance system are fully tested and proven to perform well in Construction, Marine, Engineering, Manufacturing, F&B and many more industries.

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Comparison Overview
Biometric Software
Biometric Readers Face & Temperature Scanners
Biometric Software
BioFinger IV
Biometric Software
Bio Access II
Biometric Software
iFace I
Biometric Software
iFace III
Biometric Software
iFace IV
Verification Type
Face Scanner close close check check check
Fingerprint check check check check close
Password check check check check check
Card (RFID) check check check check check
Device Capacity
Face Capacity check check 800 6,000 800
Card Capacity 10,000 5,000 3,000 10,000 1,000
Fingerprint Capacity 3,000 3,000 1,500 6,000 check
Transaction Storage 100,000 30,000 100,000 200,000 150,000
Network Communication
WIFI check check close check check
LAN Cable check check check check check
Other Specifications
Temperature & Mask Detection close close close check check
Verification Time <=2s <=2s <=2s <=2s <=2s
Facial Recognition Speed close close ≤1s ≤1s ≤1s
Dimension 212(W) x 159(H) x 48(D)
78(W) x 158(H) x 19(D)
173(W) x 159(H) x 36.1(D)
91.93(W) x 220(H) x 22.5(D)
72.9(W) x 213.8(H) x 28(D)
Weight 505g 200g 400g 719g 400g
Display 3 inches TFT Screen 2.4-inch TFT Screen
and Touch keys
2.8-inch Touch Screen 5-inch Touch Screen 4-inch Touch Screen
Operation System Linux Linux Linux Linux Linux
Power Supply 12V 3A 12V 3A 12V 3A 12V 3A 12V 3A
Operating Temperature 0°C - 45°C 0°C - 45°C 0°C - 45°C -10°C ~ 45°C
(14°F ~ 113°F)
0°C ~ 45°C
(32°F ~ 113°F)
Operating Humidity 20% - 80% 20% - 80% 20% - 80% 10% - 90% 10% - 90%

Time Attendance Device Providing the Best ROI

Our face recognition attendance system is one single device which collates all the data of hundreds of employees. It is a lucrative investment and allows for better cost-saving results rather than employing someone for the job.
With a cost-effective, time attendance device, HR professionals can now ease the burden of inaccurate time-tracking off their shoulders!