Improve Your F&B Business With A HRMS Software

HRMS Software for F&B Business

The Food and Beverages (F&B) is one of the fast-moving industries where demands are constantly growing. When this happens, more employees are required to be on deck for extra support, from restaurant crew to delivery services. However, as F&B businesses are growing rapidly, hiring and training employees becomes a hassle as these businesses need to chase order after order to fulfill customers’ satisfaction. It would’ve been easier if these businesses thought about having HRMS Software. This blog explains how HRMS software improves the F&B businesses

What is HRMS Software?

HRMS Software is a software that provides a myriad of modules that will help with your HR matters. It simplifies the process by making the majority of them automated, including payrolls. Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

With HRMS Software you can significantly improve every major aspect in your business:

Table of Contents

  • 1. Simplify Employee Management
  • 2. Improve Attendance Recording
  • 3. Improve Hiring and Onboarding
  • 4. Store Everything in One Place
  • 5. Increase Efficiency and Productivity

1. Simplify Employee Management

Managing employees can be tough especially with the surge of part-time employees. You need to set shift times for them and their hourly rates. With HRMS software, you can set the shift time and automatically link them to their payroll without the hassle of calculating them manually.

2. Improve Attendance Recording

F&B has the busiest working hours and shifts compared to other industries. Most of the time, employees almost cannot take emergency leaves due to fear of short-handed staff, especially during public holidays. The process of shift setting and rostering can take a toll on the manager as they attempt to manually set which employee should be working on the day or the hour.

A HRMS software can help streamline the attendance process from shift setting & allocation to rostering and provide a complete attendance reporting for salary calculation. This way, any outlet managers can reduce the workload significantly as the processes are automated according to their specific needs.

3. Improve Hiring and Onboarding

Manual hiring and onboarding is time consuming and tedious. Those time and energy can be used for more productive activities instead, so this is where the HRMS software comes in.

With the software, you can automate the various aspects of hiring such as sourcing, screening, documentation and onboarding. This way, you can easily accept resumes and online applications and screen them to be shortlisted as candidates.

4. Store Everything in One Place

HRMS software provides a safe and efficient storage of employee data. HR representatives can easily use the software to process employee information without wasting time on paperwork. It also provides an efficient way to access employee data in the system.

The HRMS software eliminates the tedious paperwork of employee record-keeping activities such as employment history, education qualification, training certification, compensation and benefits, and personal identification proof. This speeds up documentation and helps storing the data safely and securely.

5. Increase Efficiency and Productivity

Having the HRMS software eliminates every time-consuming labor that is common in handling employees like payroll, attendance and administering leaves. When most HR matters are automated, HR representatives can focus on other important matters that need their attention most without sacrificing the essentials.

F&B businesses are no doubt important to every community out there. A setback can cause a lag in efficiency and productivity and jeopardize the whole system. This is why Info-Tech simplifies the HR process in F&B with HRMS Software. You can choose modules that fit the culture of your business at the most affordable price and ease your mind from the difficult tasks while you focus on handling your business.

What benefit will I receive for choosing Info-Tech?

Do you know Info-Tech HRMS Software is under the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) ?
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