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How Info-Tech Transforms TSM's HR Operations and Makes It Spotless

TSM has been a prominent player in the cleaning industry for over 9 years. Learn how Info-Tech's expertise has streamlined TSM's HR operations, solidifying its position as a reliable service provider.


When it comes to cleaning, waste management, building maintenance, and landscaping, TSM is the name you can trust. With over 9 years of experience and a dedicated commitment to delivering the highest quality cleaning and facilities support services, they have earned a reputation as a reliable integrated service provider.

Despite their small team of less than 10 employees, they effectively oversee a large workforce of over 300 part-time cleaners and freelancers.

The Challenges

Tracking attendance was a challenge for TSM before coming onboard with Info-Tech. With numerous part-time workers and freelancers, it required a significant amount of time and manual effort to confirm their whereabouts and working hours.

For businesses like TSM that rely on remote or mobile workers, ensuring accurate records of their working hours can be a real challenge. TSM needed assistance in accurately tracking staff attendance due to resource constraints. The site supervisor often overlooked this responsibility as manually verifying attendance was time-consuming.

Additionally, TSM encountered difficulties when integrating the attendance timesheet with payroll. The limitations of their previous software made this task seem impossible. Consequently, they had no choice but to handle the process manually, which was quite a headache. The previous attendance system required multiple setups and equipment, causing considerable inconvenience for TSM.

The Solution

TSM has experienced a remarkable transformation by utilising Info-Tech's advanced solutions. Info-Tech has paved the way for TSM to operate efficiently by streamlining its HR processes and ensuring impeccable data accuracy.

The company has found great value in using Kiosk Mode, as it assists the site supervisor in managing a large workforce of part-timers efficiently. With this feature, the supervisor can register and clock in for staff members who are unable to do so themselves. This feature has proven to be a valuable tool in promptly obtaining attendance records.

Additionally, Info-Tech has streamlined TSM's end-of-month payroll processing by seamlessly integrating all attendance records with the payroll software.

Moreover, by harnessing the power of this system, TSM has demonstrated its commitment to punctuality and reliability. Ensuring cleaners arrive on time at their assigned locations has undoubtedly left a good impression on their valued clients. This dedication has significantly raised TSM's reputation and instilled a sense of trust and confidence in its customers, paving the way for enhanced performance and success.

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