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How Info-Tech Keeps Employee Attendance in Check and Boosts HR Operations for Timcole

To keep up with its company’s growth and improve employee management, advisory firm Timcole needed an updated HR system to streamline its processes. Learn how Info-Tech enabled easier time tracking, claims management, and leave approval for its HR department and sales team.


Timcole, a secretarial and accounting advisory firm founded in Singapore in 2011, boasts a strong track record in providing corporate advisory services and accounting solutions. With over 13 years of expertise, Timcole aims to assist Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) with company incorporation, accounting, taxation, payroll management, and other corporate services.

The Challenges

Timcole faced numerous challenges prior to adopting Info-Tech HRMS Software, with manual processes consuming substantial time for both the HR and sales departments.

The HR team at Timcole previously relied on Excel for tracking employee attendance, payroll processing, and other manual methods of claims and leave management. As a result, plenty of time was spent on these HR tasks which could otherwise be streamlined, and errors could easily happen with missing claims receipts and a disorganised leave approval process.

On the other hand, the sales team faced equal inconvenience with simple claims submissions and leave applications. Staff attendance was also difficult to track as the sales staff would frequently be in or out of office for client meetings. Much of these mundane tasks would therefore cut into working hours when both sides needed to verify information with each other or resolve issues, leading to increased workload that hindered productivity.

The Solution

Since integrating Info-Tech HRMS Software into their operations three years ago, Timcole has experienced a positive impact in their HR processes. The user-friendly software and mobile app streamlined many time-consuming administrative tasks, from claims and time tracking to payroll processing, which significantly enhanced efficiency for the HR department.

Donavan, the Sales Manager at Timcole, has also witnessed substantial improvements in personal convenience and management of his sales team. With the new system, he can now efficiently check and approve leave requests for the team and submit his own claims on the go, saving valuable time compared to before. The HRMS system’s staff appraisal feature has also enabled him to review his team’s performance conveniently in one place, making it easier to see how well each team member is doing.  

Overall, Info-Tech's HRMS Software has enabled both the HR and sales teams to save time, focus on essential tasks, and enhance productivity. By streamlining their processes, Timcole can focus on their core HR and sales roles to support their growing business.

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