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How Info-Tech Simplifies Work Hours Tracking, Payroll and Accounting for Magnicon

Magnicon Renovation is a company that specialises in interior design and general contracting services. Find out how Info-Tech has constructed the best HR and accounting experience for them.


With a focus on interior design and general contracting, Magnicon Renovation has extensive experience in building construction and major renovation projects. Since its inception in 1999, Magnicon has consistently delivered successful projects and achieved significant milestones.

The Challenges

Before implementing Info-Tech HRMS and accounting software, Magnicon's HR and accounting processes were entirely manual. The finance department faced challenges managing and monitoring handwritten receipts in receipt books. Accountants found reconciling accounts, payables, and receivables to be time-consuming due to the meticulous review required for paperwork. This consumed a significant amount of their time every month.

Staff attendance verification had to be done manually by the HR department in office daily, while monitoring attendance and work hours for projects at various sites was even more challenging without on-site managers to supervise and manage timesheets.

This led to labour-intensive payroll calculations, which were susceptible to errors due to the manual calculation of working hours for each employee.

The Solution

Integrating Info-Tech HRMS and accounting software has significantly enhanced Magnicon's daily operations. Using the InvoiceNow feature, Magnicon’s finance department can effortlessly monitor, generate, and send invoices to customers. This facilitates efficient e-invoice delivery, reducing the need for physical delivery and expediting the payment process. Moreover, InvoiceNow automates the sending of payment reminders to clients, eliminating the need for manual follow-ups and mitigating the risk of overdue payments.

Info-Tech HRMS software also enhanced transparency and accountability in employee attendance and work hours. Its integration with accounting software adds convenience, automating calculations of work hours and CPF contributions to speed up payroll processing. This streamlined process ensures accurate and timely pay slips, facilitating correct payments.

Overall, Magnicon has greatly transformed its efficiency by automating its laborious and repetitive HR and accounting tasks with the help of Info-Tech's software.

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