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How Info-Tech's HRMS Software Captured the Picture-Perfect HR Experience for Leica

Leica is a reputable brand known for its exceptional cameras and sports optics. Explore how Info-Tech has ingeniously automated and captured the ultimate HR experience for Leica.


Leica, a renowned global brand, specialises in crafting top-tier cameras and sports optics. Famous for its exceptional quality, German craftsmanship, and cutting-edge design, Leica is synonymous with innovation. The brand's dedication to promoting photography is reflected in its extensive initiatives. With a global presence, Leica currently operates three stores in Singapore.

The Challenges

The Leica team in Singapore previously relied on manual HR processes at their three outlets. This included tasks such as tracking work hours, scheduling shifts, and processing payroll, which took up a significant portion of their time every month. Coordinating team schedules across outlets manually was especially difficult.

Additionally, they had to invest substantial time reviewing paperwork to cross-check leave utilisation and attendance records during monthly payroll runs. Ensuring accurate payroll was time-consuming, as any errors necessitated rerunning the process.

Furthermore, the store manager operates from the main office, which posed a challenge when conducting employee appraisals at the three outlets. Recognising the need for improvement, the Leica team embarked on finding a solution to streamline their HR processes.

The Solution

Leica experienced a significant change in its operations across their three outlets after adopting Info-Tech HRMS software. The software streamlined employee shift scheduling and allowed for seamless communication of updated schedules. Tracking attendance, lateness, and absenteeism became effortless, simplifying the data collection process for end-of-month payroll processing. With the help of Info-Tech's innovative facial recognition mobile app, employees can effortlessly clock in and out at their assigned workstations.   

With the automation of payroll calculations through Info-Tech HRMS software, Leica has drastically reduced errors and mitigated non-compliance risks. After utilising the Leave, Mobile App, Payroll, and Time Attendance modules for a year, Leica integrated the Appraisal module. The manager was pleased to find that he could now conduct appraisals effortlessly on the web portal, eliminating the need for physical visits to outlets.  

The software has saved valuable time and allowed the team to concentrate on crucial tasks and boost productivity. By simplifying HR processes, Leica can focus more on driving business growth.

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