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Manage your customers right at your fingertips and see your business grow all from a single and easy-to-use CRM platform. Stay connected and engaged with both your team and customers from the first step of the customer journey.

  • Manage and sort your contacts in one single platform.
  • Assign the right employee to your customers.
  • Track potential leads easily.
  • Generate accurate forecast reports.

Info-Tech’s cloud-based CRM software allows you to keep track of entire sales activity and how the team is performing in accordance with their quotas with the help of detailed and accurate analytic and report features.

Automated Quotation & Invoice Process

  • Customizable quotation and share it out with customer for acceptance with just a click away.
  • Track quote status change - Sent, Received and Accepted.
  • Invoice will be automatically sent out to customer alongside the credit card payment link upon acceptance of quotation.

Stay on top of your sales pipeline, manage your customer and prospects via mobile CRM App on the go!

  • Available in iOS and Android.
  • Access, view and modify sales details.
  • Real-time notification on leads assigned.
  • Stay up to date with sales trend.

CRM Features

Lead Management

Capture lead source, route and assign leads to right staff.

Lead Status

Qualify the leads and have better visalization of leads with higher rate to be converted.

Appointment Setting

Unite all team members and keeping everyone updated with shared appointment calendar.

Follow Up Reminders

Follow up on sales opportunities systematically and on time.

Appointment Calendar

Have a bird’s-eye view of your appointments and manage them effectively.

Contact Management

Organize contacts and track interaction with prospects.

Recurring Business

Helps sales people to know when customers need to be contacted for renewal or upselling.

Activity Dashboard

Monitor sales team activity, track status of all sales and appointment rates.


Instantly visualize everything from top sales performer, forecasted revenue and more.

Mobile App

Enhance sales people mobilily, access to data in real-time at anywhere, anytime.